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Adobe Pagemaker
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Adobe Pagemaker


Preparing files for output via Pagemaker (6.5 & 7)

Select Utilities, then Global link options:

UNcheck the store copy in pub and make sure All pages IS selected. This will make sure that properly formatted graphics will NOT be embedded. This will do NOTHING for graphics that have been improperly placed with CUT and PASTE. One should NEVER cut and paste graphics from one application to another.

Save the document and proceed to:

As you can see from above, you simply access the plugins tab and select save for service Provider. This will Preflight the Publication and alert you to any unlinked images, missing fonts or any other problem that may delay your job. If you do not see the Save For Service Provider listing, you will need to install the plugin from your Pagemaker CD.

The next window you will see is below:

Click on the Preflight pub tab and the plugin will examine your publication for inconsistancies. If no warnings are issued, simply select the package tab and the following dialog box will be displayed.

Select the copy fonts checkbox, select All (fonts) and then navigate to a folder (or create a new one) and name the file.
The entire Pagemaker job, all linked graphics as well as fonts will be copied to the designated folder. That folder and all of its contents is what you should provide for output. It's that easy!

This is the only approved way to submit files..